Payroll Services

Payroll processing in the India takes a lot of time because we have many labor rules to consider and many government forms to submit. Payroll and labor code compliance is one of the main cause of headaches to business owners and one of the main barrier to good employee and employer relationships.

Our company provides complete payroll solution from the computation of employee salaries and bonuses to the preparation of the required compensation based reports that need to be submitted to SSS, PHIC, HDMF and BIR.

  • Computation of basic salaries
  • Computation of overtime pays, night differentials, rest day and holiday pays
  • Computation of employee leaves
  • Keep track of available leave balances
  • Computation of WTAX, Annual Tax, Final Tax, Fringe Benefit Tax and other taxes applicable to the employees
  • Computation of SSS, PHIC, HDMF and Union contributions
  • Computation of loans and other employee deductions
  • Computation of 13th month pay and other bonuses and benefits